Houston Oil and Gas Contract Lawyer

Thirty-Six Years of Oil and Gas Transactions Experience

Unlike other standard contracts, oil and gas contracts are not “form” contracts where attorneys can just fill in the blanks. They require extensive drafting, detail and an experienced oil and gas attorney who knows exactly how to handle oil and gas transactions.

Seasoned Texas Oil and Gas Lease Attorney

At the Law Offices of Gerard J. Swonke, P.C., Attorney Swonke has been assisting businesses and business-owners with oil and gas matters for 40 years, including 11 years working as in-house counsel. As a former director of a NASDAQ oil and gas company, he truly understand the needs and wants of your company when it comes to oil and gas contracts. Using his extensive experience, he is able to provide thorough, effective and excellent legal services for all his oil and gas clients.

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Skilled Oil and Gas Contracts Counsel

Attorney Swonke provides counsel for businesses and business-owners seeking to explore, acquire or develop oil and gas properties and reserves. Many times this involves drafting, negotiating, reviewing and implementing oil and gas contracts. His experience is not limited to Texas. He has handled issues affecting U.S. and international oil and gas contracts, and has dealt with governments in East and West Africa, Denmark, the Dutch and U.K. Sector of the North Sea, and Indonesia.

Oil and gas contracts often involve:

  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Escrow agreements
  • Participation agreements
  • Drilling contracts
  • Farm-outs
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Leases
  • Production/utilization contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Remember, not all attorneys, even experienced business transactions and corporate attorneys, have the necessary insight it takes to successfully handle oil and gas contracts. Using his unique insight into the oil and gas business, Attorney Swonke truly can provide you with the specific experience it takes to handle oil and gas transactional work.

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